24 October 2010

How 'Bout a Mix of Wind and Direct Solar Power

Have You Heard of Montessori Education?

If you haven't seen Monetssori education work, it's time you visited and observed at a Montessori school. You'll be amazed. If you want to talk to a former Montessori student and now certified Montessori teacher, I just happen to know one (daughter Carri, presently an OCCC math adjuct prof.)


The Sound of Music's von Trapp Family, Alive and Well

Those of you who are fans of _The Sound of Music_ will be happy to know that a number of the real von Trapp family are quite alive and well and running a lodge in Stowe, Vermont, USA, where they've been since they escaped Hiltler's takeover of Austria in 1939.

See also http://www.trappfamily.com/story .

Don't Worry, Be Happy

If even one-tenth of the stuff in this collection of articles is correct, it may be time for our children and grandchildren to eat, drink, and be merry.

C L Oates
22 Oct 2010
Norman, OK, USA...