30 September 2011

Republicans Against Science - NYTimes.com

If you're in the mood to really scare yourself, google "anti-science" and read some of the articles that Google serves up. Among them are this one. Good heavens! What are these people thinking?

Republicans Against Science - NYTimes.com:

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GAO Cuts: Tom Coburn Hammers Senate

Unbelievable! I agree with Senator Tom Coburn on something! Will wonders never cease?

GAO Cuts: Tom Coburn Hammers Senate For Money-Losing Proposal:

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Books on Climate Change Denial

Wanna read up on the climate change deniers and their techniques? Here are some books, available from Amazon.com:

1)  Amazon.com: Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand (9781849713368): Haydn Washington, John Cook: Books:

2)  http://www.amazon.com/Climate-Cover-Up-Crusade-Global-Warming/dp/1553654854/ref=pd_sim_b4

Why did sea level fall in 2010?

Tremendous floods in 2010 moved lots of water from the ocean to the land. So the rising sea level is all over and global warming is a hoax, right? WRONG!

Why did sea level fall in 2010?:

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28 September 2011

Arctic Ice Is Vanishing Fast

Hasta luego, Arctic ice. :^(

Signs of Climate Change: Arctic Ice Is Vanishing Fast - TIME:

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Dubai Gets It--Why Don't We?

Dubai says plans big solar plant | Reuters:

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Inhofe Strikes Again

Stupid is as stupid does. What can I say?

Inhofe Gets Inspector General to Spend $300,000 Confirming EPA Endangerment Finding ‘Met Statutory Requirements’ | ThinkProgress:

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Canada to set record for wind power in 2011 | Reuters

As usual, the Canadians are on the right track, leaving the U.S. in the dirt.  When will we learn?

Canada to set record for wind power in 2011 | Reuters:

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Bank (Non-) Regulations

As usual, the financial folks are out to undermine rules that would keep them from flying the country into the ground again. What a surprise!

A Rogue to the Rescue: UBS Scandal Reinforces Need for Strict Volcker Rule - ProPublica:

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Hottest Summer T Shirts - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Get 'em while they're hot!

Hottest Summer T Shirts - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |:

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Drought Weary? Get Used to It.

If you live in Oklahoma or Texas and you've had enough drought, there's bad news in the works:

Experts predict drought could be around for years to come - Gonzales Inquirer: Home:

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Sally Kern Does Not Represent Me

Oklahoma's national embarrassment, Sally Kern, CERTAINLY does *not* represent me! (or anyone else who's not a bigot, for that matter)

Sally Kern Does Not Represent Me:

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Boomer Sooner!

A little Sooner spirit from South America:

Sooner Spirit: Colombia! - YouTube:

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Food Security and Climate Change

Be happy, don't worry ...

Food Security and Climate Change: The True Cost of Carbon - Paul Epstein - Life - The Atlantic:

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Lord, Save Us from Thy Followers!

What can I say about Sally Kern?
(If ya can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.)

The actionok blog does not adhere to this principle, however. See below.

Action Oklahoma: Talking back to crazy people: fun, but not productive:

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25 September 2011

Seven Billion of Us? Too many!

Happy Halloween!  There'll be 7 billion of us, as of sometime in late October.  See more at this link.

AICCM | Help spread the word

It's time to finish the American Indian Cultural Center & Museum in Oklahoma City.

AICCM | Help spread the word:

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24 September 2011

U.S. Military to Lead the Way in Renewables? Amazing!

Perhaps the military, with its uneasiness about depending on foreign fuel resources, will show the way to use of clean renewables--not to mention conserving energy in many applications.

Pew Study: Department of Defense Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation to Save Lives, Money - The Pew Charitable Trusts:

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What'll it be: bickering or development?

Ah, can we cool the bickering long enough to do something *constructive* for the future of the country?

If we don't take advantage of our strengths in research by developing high tech products and manufacturing them here, it isn't going to matter much what else we do.

Perhaps electing some grown-ups to sit in the U.S. House of Representatives might be a good first step.

The Phony Solyndra Scandal - NYTimes.com:

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Thou Shalt Not Anger the Lord Thy Oil Company!

Climate science folks are joining biologists and geologists as subjects of anti-science attacks. Unfortunately, the oil companies are a lot better financed than the evolution-denial crowd. :^(

I wonder how long it'll be before the Inquisition returns?

A Legal Defense Fund for Climate Scientists | Mother Jones:

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RC Round Up !

Good old fashoined cattle herding:

RC Round Up !Very Funny! - YouTube:


Thanks, Lanny!

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23 September 2011

Biofuels for national security?

This may or may not be the way to go for the long term, and *certainly* it's not the way to go if food like corn is used as the source of the fuel, but for something of a medium-term, stop gap, let's-not-get-caught-with-our-pants-down move, it might be necessary. --CLOates 23 September 2011 (Fall hath fell!)

from Facebook's Repower America:

Former Senator John Warner praised the Department of Defense for its outstanding leadership on clean energy and energy efficiency innovation and deployment. The Pentagon is working to make more 500,000 buildings and vehicles at 500 military installations worldwide more efficient in an effort to reduce their staggering energy bills and our dependence on dirty fuels.
Coverage of national news from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Former senator pitches biofuels for national security:

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