29 November 2011

2011-11-29, A Little Age Discrimination?

May we have a little different twist on age discrimination please, maestro?  http://aarp.us/w1QnM4

If you don't think there's still age discrimination in hiring, you haven't applied for a job lately with 50-something, much less 60-something years showing on your resume (CV). Candidates in their twenties and thirties with one-tenth the qualifications and experience in academic advisement and other student services are hired over late 50s and early 60s candidates, who are often not even interviewed. I saw this happen to Sue three different times several years ago. She has literally decades of experience and relevant academic degrees (B.S. Ed. and M.Ed., including 200+ credits [400+ in European ECTS equivalents] worth of coursework, much of it post-M.Ed.). If she were the suing type, we'd be on Easy Street with the settlements.
WellPoint Inc. settles age discrimination suit by establishing a fund for older workers who lost their jobs.

2011-11-29, Resume vs. Résumé vs. Resumé vs. CV

If you need a good laugh, try on this Pain in the English thread on the topic of resume vs. résumé vs. resumé vs. CV (curriculum vitae):http://painintheenglish.com/case/193
 . It's absolutely hilarious.

BTW, I don't give a hoot how you accent "resume" in English or whether you know the difference between a resume and CV, unless you're applying for a job as an English professor or medical doctor, where resumes and CVs really are two different things. But don't you dare, by gosh, write a mathematical derivative in the dy/dt (Leibniz-ian) notation instead of the *obviously* correct and vastly superior y-dot (Newtonian) notation. ;^) *shakes head*

You may now resume writing your resume, although to do it you may have to wind your way through a maze into a strong head wind. :^) Just lead me to the lead mine, please!
What is the correct spelling of the thing that gets you a job and what is the name of the funny thing on top (grave or acute) of the the letter e?
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17 November 2011

2011-11-17, Another Rice Student Goes Through a Fondren Library Window

  • ‎*Another* Rice student running Baker 13 on Halloween goes through a window at Rice's Fondren Library? You gotta be kiddin' me!
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