24 September 2012

2012-09-24, Beach Cruiser Revival

They were obviously trying to get the attention of male Baby Boomers, and they succeeded. Waiting for my oil change at Wal-Mart, my eyes were assaulted by several brightly-painted, 32" (yes, thirty-two inch!) "beach cruiser" style bikes.

They are single-speed, coaster brake, balloon tire, tough-as-a-boot bikes, big enough that I can barely swing my leg over, and I'm 6' 3" / 191 cm. It's a throwback to the 1930s-'50s and my first uncomplicated, pre-English racer, definitely pre-mountain bike two-wheeling experience.

It sits really well. Wonder how it rides?


Wandering thru Wal Mart on Saturday, saw this monster. 32 in wheels, crazy.
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